File Findings


I have found this in my research file and I guess I put it in for a reason back in September.
I guess it is important because a lot of my art work is about identity. My own identity.  Who am I; where do I belong; where is home; where do I pledge allegiance; what do I believe and how do I exist in the world?
The referendum was quite a scary event for me though I forced myself to take my mind off it and reassured myself.
The fact was… if because my blood is Scottish but everything else is British l, what would I call myself should Scotland no longer be part of Britain? I wouldn’t feel Scottish and I would be able to call myself English :/ South Africa refused ne a passport when living there at the age of 18 after being born and brought up there. My only solution, should Scotland go independent, was to call myself a Londoner or just an artist.


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