Send in…

As I send in this url to my tutors for assessment I am looking at how this has all gone…
Well, my Mac book is on the blink so I’m am working between my smart phone and the tablet I was kindly given as my friend got a new one.
Initially I found I couldn’t work WordPress at all. Then I got a friend to help after trying weebly unsuccessfully.
I realised that WordPress was in fact quite doable on the Mac and so I started trying to do the transfer of my old paper system to the online research file.
Due to the Mac on the blink I have been forced to make the phone app and tablet app for WordPress work. Something I was definitely going to avoid has become something I’m managing even if not perfectly. Early days right? 😉
And so I have had to tell myself… things may still not have uploaded as I wanted them to or not at all. Yet I have learned a huge amount and I’m on the road to streamlining this blog thing.


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