The Original Plan

It still amazes me how a plan in my head that seems so simple can encounter so many obstacles.
After much discussion and investigation into making a sculpture of my body in this shape I stood still in the studio and said to myself… why don’t you just calm down and BE… and so me bending over backwards developed into me standing still. This is when I found my research on Joan Jonas come into play… The following sketch transpired…


For over 4 years I have been trying to move myself from being a human doing to a human being. This idea incorporates many of my authentic processes. I find after allowing my authentic drawing in the studio my ability to be less plastic with my sculpture idea has been a cherished development. I have now found the right ppl to help me make this sculpture of self and I’m excited to see what transpires through the making process on Friday 23rd. Just one week to go!!!

This is the other mirror option I have in my sketch book.

As part of my looking again at Joan Jonas’s work to remind my self of how she influenced me I found this…


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