Richard Layzell’s seminar


I have tried a new way of research… no notes during the seminar…
Just a blog post on my thoughts afterwards…
Had a bit of a panic I hadn’t remembered anything… till I spoke to someone about it…
This is what stayed with me:
The quiet and stillness though he moved and spoke.
Strong element of being still, taking things in, being in the moment through his beautiful descriptions.
Things on his table and his accessories… coincide with my ideas of have things handy when I do my still (yet moving) performance with self (my full body cast of self)
The movements he made felt liberating and I felt spurred on and set free to flow and even dance around my self.
Definitely would like more of these seminars where I feel I can engage with my authentic self and that of the artist. A dream that others will click with me and what I’m expressing as I did with him.
Like two trains driving up alongside each other… One with a wealth of experience and mileage, the other new but chugging along the same line… at least for a time.


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