Post practise research: A Widening Field, Journeys in Body and Imagination by Miranda Tufnell and Chris Crickmay (2004)



Today, after a morning in the ceramic studio, and the lecture a wee visit to the library. Interesting to see this article in the following book….



This reminds me of removing the skin, the cocoon that encased and protected my arms…IMG_9719   IMG_9722  IMG_9724 IMG_9725   IMG_9732  IMG_9734   IMG_9738

The main question in this section (pg 127) is ‘What lies beneath the surface’? This is the question in my mind as I cut, tear, pull and eventually reveal the out come of my art practise. What has been highlighted to me in this process of investigation via these materials (Alginate and plaster) is I am finding it is a place I feel safe to explore, dig deeper and discover more about self. I had hope the theme would be about facing and looking at self, the good the bad and the ugly, but I neber anticipated it to be such a deep, philasophical kind, if I can call it that. Just like my physical unraveling the art practise has been quite unexpected. I sound surprised, surely I knew that i would turn ou differently to I had expected… but not this kind of different haha. Funny how we box the different we anticipate…

I feel this title ‘A Widening Field’ is prticularly poignant. I had hoped I could be narrowing my field yet I am finding my field widening and the fear and anticipation of this is a challange to manage. Like in the Artist talk post I have written… so many more ideas I heard about itn the art field. And in that blog I question whether I should relook at it for a possible career.

My feeling as i type is to run in terror back to my cocoons. Hide under their protective though restrictive embrace.

This leads me on to pg 63

Writing from the body:

I identify with this as a personal practise that I have brought into my art practse via my sketch book.

On pg 62 EduardoGaleano writes … ‘Why does one write , if not to put one’s pieces together… education…teaches us to divorce soul from body and mind from heart…”

This goes on to remind me of the FNA 3030 lecture last week with Martyn Evans ( post on 9th Feb). This has been another thought process for me. Do I enter Education to improve this sad state of education… How do I do this without being a teacher and why am I so against teaching… Yes this is my mind in pieces and hopefully if I kep writing and making work one if not both areas will come together again. If not mind body and visa versa, but I hope for both of course. 🙂




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