Range in type: Art Camps About 9 weeks No friends or family University Residencies Be clear on what you are going to do. For example, some get you to teach ag 7hrs/week.

Well, this is as far as I got to try to take notes in class onto the blog/ straight on to the tablet. Things I found difficult:

1. I felt like I was being rude working away on my screen while the lecturer was talking. Yes, I’m old fashioned, ha-ha!

2.  I was too slow 😦

3. I take in more when writing notes. I found myself missing important things :-/

And so my handwritten notes are below. Least I know how when I have more time to sharpen my skills. Things that stood out were:

1. How many options there are and that maybe one day I would like to try out a residency.

2. It is not now or never.

3. How to stay safe in a residency contract/ situation.

4. And that it is great I know I can come back and find this info here should I need it later.



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