Tansy’s Coffee Mornings

These sessions have been one of my favorite things this year and during the degree.

It has been a wonderful chance to discuss research done, exhibitions viewed or recommended for viewing, hear about other peoples work and discuss solutions for artistic process hiccups.

There are many great artists I have looked up after hearing about them in these sessions and they have impacted my work one way or another. Whether I decide to be influenced or I realize it is not a direction I want to go in. All this research has had an impact. I will blog a few to give a snapshot.

Walker Talks  ‘working with students to investigate the storytelling inherent in the design process, the emotions embedded within an artifact’ Is this something I would like to do even on a voluntary basis? I like how James Langdon brings an emphasis on ‘processes behind their work’ especially as I am looking to exhibit the process as the work

Christian Boltanski I put the google link in conjunction with his name as I find the images speak louder than words. This is an artist who has come up many times in our coffee mornings and this link can show why. They way he manages to express the harrowing sadness of the holocaust. What an inspiration.

Tansy has spoken about his childlike style and how effective it is. I can see how her encouragement has allowed me to be more playful and authentic in my practice.

Mona Hatoum In my search for artists (mentioned in a Tansy session) I come to discover others I have heard but not properly appreciated. This is such an artist. Her work is what helps remind me what the point of art is. I have often felt disillusioned, but when I come across artists like her I fall back in love with art all over again.

Annette MessangerMessanger, I like the way Liz Parker describes Messangers work as being story telling. This reminds me of my research on Kiki Smith which is included in my dissertation. Likewise, the stuffed figures remind me of Louise Bourgeois’ stuffed works, for example the couple. In searching for this work I have discovered another work which gives me more confidence to keep trying this back arch work I have been attempting to do in different ways. Look at this!!



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