Francesca Woodman



Another artist I wanted to go and see. I knew she was showing too. Was just too busy :-/

I had looked forward to seeing the Victoria Miro’s new gallery space too.

After reading an article on the WordPress reader, I feel more confident to ask… Does an art degree get in the way of an artist enjoying all the exhibitions that are available to us here in London. Is it just me who finds the summer is the only time I could properly get stuck in to gallery visits and art appreciation… Just saying. Guess it is the same in many degrees. So busy learning and meeting deadlines that there is no time to be e.g. a nurse or whatever else the student is trying to learn to be. Guess this is academia for you?

Sad that her parents are both still alive and she not having died so young, only 22yrs.

I find I can appreciate her work more so than I did Anna Mendieta. Both very sad stories. Mendieta’s work seems more disturbed and I still remember how strongly I felt this when seeing her exhibition. Francesca seems to have been able to be more carefree and as her friend, Berne, says in this Guardian article “She had an illness: depression. That’s all there is to it.”

This article has given lots of food for thought about they way I continue to conduct my own practise.


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