‘Looks’ at the ICA, 22 Apr 2015 – 21 Jun 2015

Stewart Uoo, You Can Come And Get It, 2014. C-print. Courtesy Galerie Buchholzwpid-20150425_140939.jpg

Stewart Uoo, You Can Come And Get It, 2014. C-print. Courtesy Galerie Buchholz

The exhibition LOOKS at the ICA was a lovely experience after my disappointment with the artist talked I had planned to see. I particularly found myself taking notes on how they were exhibiting the work. I guess putting on my own show has helped me get into this much needed exhibition set-up mode. I have some pointers to discuss with Simon this week. I did find the show very technical and I was reminded why I don’t go to galleries for fun/leisure. I appreciated the different uses of science, even chemistry with the Juliette Bonnevoit work as well as work I have now seen on her official web page that refers to the body. If only I had more time to explore her ideas of how to construct the body: 150411_Bonneviot_005a_web The use of technology to explore self, by Andrea Crespo, deconstruction/reconstruction was an interestingly different way to explore these themes I have also in my work. There were many ideas for my work, from how to exhibit my prints of the wall or floor to reminders of what I still want to do. wpid-20150425_142231.jpgwpid-20150425_141819.jpgwpid-20150425_141652.jpgwpid-20150425_141733.jpg My favorite by far was the performance piece by Wu Tsang A day in the life of Bliss wutsang_tmag12for12 I appreciated how this artist used performance art to explore issues in our society (darker implications of our current day surveillance society) I particularly appreciated the effect this work had on me. It may not have been the artist’s intentions, but initially highly stressed, anxious I found myself calmed and able to listen to myself and restored harmony. This is what makes me wish I could do the Masters in Fine Art. This is what makes me want to try being an artist. In fact, today I see myself continuing in a professional context whatever way I can. I even want to apply for projects. I still have so much to do. This work by Wu Tsang spurred me to create work with dance like movement and deep sounds like the work

UR Feeling

SM-install-shot_500_333_80_s_c1 By Simon Martin at the Camden Arts Centre I went on to view: wpid-20150425_150416.jpg To see the use of the body again in different ways so long ago was interesting… wpid-20150425_150254.jpgwpid-20150425_150314.jpgwpid-20150425_150403.jpg


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