Artist talk at the ICA

Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 12.44.13

Artists, what is your collective value?
To begin 3 different artist groups performed one after another.
At this stage I did not understand the word collective meant collaborative groups were being asked what their value was.
The first group, KERNEL, presented a literary piece with accompanying slide show to add effects to the story being related. They later highlighted the importance of them all being on ‘display’ or on stage to demonstrate a collective value, though only the girl read and the person in charge of the slides could not be seen performing this task from where I sat. Still, they were up there together ‘collective intelligence’ one said was what had produced the work. So they had one value and equal individual value.
The second collective, Goldin+Senneby, highlighted their value by paying a firm called ‘Task Rabbit’ to get two men to do their performance piece for them. This was announced at the beginning of the performance. They relayed that they were instructed to announce they were paid £150 for their time and for doing the performance, but they were also instructed to leave when their paid time was up, even if the artist talk was not over.

Another group talked about how in a collective the value of the individuals can be different though. This was the group from AIRBNB Pavilion, Venice.
It was interesting to hear how different members in this group described
1. Celebrating and utilizing individual differences and the value these differences bring to the collective art.
2. The positive effect ‘fighting’ for your role or place in the group can be though also tough.
3. The power of anonymity.
4. Etc.


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