PEER CRITIQUE Cocoon: Stong Pose.


As I cannot make the video smaller as yet these are some pics to show the progression of my performance piece.

Some interesting points were made.

Peer Critique:

1. Remove my head last

2. Get micro microphones and say attach them to my body so the audience hear’s the sound of the process.

3. Apparently there was music on in the Atrium and this went well with the piece. I had wanted to make a sound track but couldn’t. The pro Tools class was after FNA 3030 and I was an already struggling t concentrate in FNA 3030. By that time, of the day I had already had 2hrs FNA 3930, dyslexia tuition, library time while I waited for FNA 30303.

Have asked Peter for a meeting. I wonder what I can put together.

I am also thinking of asking someone in the music school, a bass or quartet to play abstractly with my performance.

So much to do and so little time. And the added nightmare of Aunty Maudie’s illness. Let’s see.

4. Note to self: make written instructions for my helpers. Performing may not come to them as naturally as it does to me and the stage fright caused them to forget what to do at one stage.

5. Interesting to speak to my helpers afterwards. The effect of the work on them as interesting. For one of them, they felt like they were drugged even later at home. Like zoned out, mellow, she said. Instead of guessing the affect the work has, I need to remember to document it.








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