Would you have my head in your hands? Would you hold my hand?


Would you have my head in your hands?


Through the looking glass


“Will you hold Marion’s hand?” Beth, Colabourater and assisitant.

I have enjoyed the use of double entendre.

I took advice from Rebecca Fortum and looked at the kind of people who walked through/used the space also used as the Balcony Gallery. I decided to interrupt the passers by with the questions and comments:

“Would you have my head in your hands?”

“It’s quite a weight.”

“It’s quite a burden”

“Will you hold my hand?”

And my colleague joined me as well and asked:

“Will/would you hold Marion’s hand?”

The response was varied, some welcomed the task while others shied away from it. Some found it ghostly and spooky and others looked into my ‘eyes’/’face’ and were moved. I am always amazed at how my art speaks my mind and fascinated when others can read it. The first time I did this both myself and my colleague were quite moved. It makes me feel it might be best to not show my work to people, but then I realize not all people read it exactly. Another lesson in not being able to decide how the audience experiences the work.


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