At the start of this year I decided to take the first month of uni to focus on FNA 3030’s future plans section. It ended up being more like 2 months of research and application filling.

I filled in applications for Goldsmiths for Art Psychotherapy as well as Roehampton University. During the applications process I read a lot about the field. I also contacted an old boss and people who’s opinion I respect to as what they think are my key attributes/skills. This was embarrassing but I quickly learned I would have to blow my own trumpet to get in to these Masters. Also Goldsmiths for Art Psychotherapy was a dream I found the actual course at Roehampton much more varied and suitable. I looked at travel to either place, both time and ease as well. I looked at the cost ands thought of different ways to manage it. It was going to be £12000 and a two year masters. I read the time tables I could expect and was surprised I would be working with clients/patients right away and 2 full days a week. This worried me. I had felt I needed one more year just studying. What was good was I would get a full studio day every week so I would be able to continue making art.

As I did all the recommended reading as well as read the official site for Art Psychotherapists/therapists I started to realise I was not ready for this career.

Long story short I returned to the Career Advisor at Middlesex Uni and asked what would involve, psychology, business and my creativity.

An MA in Human Resourses was recommended.

I went to the MA open evening, spoke to the head of the course and was told I would be accepted due to my 1.5 years of Psychology Degree I had and on completing my Art Degree.

So I applied. And yes this takes ages!

And at the open evening I was told about a Scholarship I could apply for but to be really quick on applying as soon as it was available.

Well I did this and though I was away looking after family in the hebrides I managed to be the second person to call to apply.

Sadly, though I have been accepted onto the course and was granted the scholarship, as I had to defer in order to care for my aunt, I was told (when at the hospital) the scholarship had been withdrawn. I have been told I have to wait and see if there will be anything left.

That was beginning of June. I have had some time to think. After the year I have had I have decided that even if I get the scholarship I will wait to start in January. I have a commitment 2days a week and the other 3 I would like to take the opportunity I have now to write a wee children’s book.

I may not have the time to do it again and I have been thinking about it for a while. For this I will not have to send in a jolly application, haha!

Well… not for a while yet 😉


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