Cocoon Series

So were did it come from…

I fell in love with the cocooned feeling when doing body casting for a standing still lead I was working on:


When 3 major life dramas hit me together on one day at Uni… this is what resulted


I had felr all degree that what ever happen I can feel comfort at uni in my studio space. When this no longer was the case I went down to ceramics with two good friends, not in my year, and asked them to plaster me.

It was between a run or art therapy. I chose this:20150305_151947.

I wanted to be cocooned, button down my hatches and go to that dark safe place I can feel safe and cut off. As always I documanted my work:20150305_151919


This experience taught me many things. I wanted to stay in there safe for ever but my body couldnt be kept like that. Though I had originally thought it a very comfortable position I lasted only 10min.

I then started to wiggle and weath out of the cocoon. The video documantation of me insisting to come out alone, like a chick or caterpiller, as the process in nature is supposed to stregnthen one in vital life preseving ways.

20150305_153425 20150305_153444 20150305_153500 20150305_153608 20150305_153741

Unlike chicks and caterpillars (butterflies), I felt very attatched to the cocoon and still have it in my room. In nature the cocoon is discarded but i kept mine even though I cant get back into it. I love this kind of art that teaches me about myself and were I need to improve or get stronger.

I did this process a few times and in different poses:


This is Cocoon Series: Recovery Position (being performed) and Strong Pose being displayed

Peer critique:

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 21.37.02


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