Artist Statement

Artist Statement

My art practice is a means of both self-expression and self-discovery. I encounter my fear of innate narcissism head on, literally through casting my body and argue that, to look at self in all aspects is to accept that this is necessary for growth and healing.

In making, deconstructing and reconstructing myself, I have discovered the value of the cocoon. In this protective, molding space, I have been able to explore inner and outer self.

The first stage of the body casting process, where the body is cocooned, has now become a major and integral part of my work.

The performative acts of making are captured to celebrate the childlike enthusiasm my work allows and is sustained by. This lyrical play is what would I like to call Authentic Theatricality.

Moving this from studio to gallery space causes my artwork to transition to a staged exploration of my authentic art practice. This enables me to share my joy and my concerns with the viewer.


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